Our Story: When Lost Socks Spark a Stamping Revolution

Hey there! I'm Lauren, the creator of NamePOP. I'm a mom of three—ages “dada,” “no,” and “I can do it myself”—living in sunny Los Angeles. I’ll come right out and say it: I love my kids to absolute pieces, but parenting is haaard, and often not in the ways I expected. They tell you about the sleepless nights and warn you about the terrible twos. But why didn’t anyone tell me that so much of my day would revolve around looking for their lost stuff? The Lost Belongings Saga used to be my daily rerun (and a children’s book I’ve considered writing).

If you've ever found yourself rummaging through the lost and found at your kiddo's school, wondering if socks secretly have legs because how the %$@& else do they keep disappearing... then, my friend, you're in the right place. Welcome to NamePOP!

It all started with a marker, my kids' clothes, and an infomercial-style “there has to be a better way” moment. Fed up with ugly marker labels and iron-ons that didn’t stick, I stumbled upon something that actually worked. And looked pretty cool, too! My mom friends started asking for their own sets, and with a little nudge from one of them (you know who you are, and I owe you one!), NamePOP came to life.

We're here because we totally understand that parenting can be a wild ride. Los Angeles, with its mix of creativity and chaos, is our home, and it's where we dream up all the ways to make your life a bit easier and a lot more organized. NamePOP can’t stop your kid from eating glue or shoving weird stuff in their nose, but it can help you keep track of their clothes. Parenting is all about the little wins, and this little one often feels like a big one.

Our Mission: More Smiles, Fewer Tears

The parenting gig can throw some curveballs, and lost school clothes shouldn't be one of them. At NamePOP, we're all about turning those "oh boy" moments into "aha!" ones. Our mission? To keep tears at bay and smiles in play. We get that replacing lost items is a pain (don’t even get me started on the cost), so we're here with a simple promise: easy, durable, and fun labeling solutions that stick around—literally.

Being a small family-run business means every customer is part of our extended family. If you're not over the moon about your purchase, we've got a 30-day money-back guarantee. Because happy customers are our kind of people.

Looking Ahead: Your Kids, Their Stuff, Their Story

What's next for NamePOP, you ask? Oh, just a little bit of everything! We're buzzing with ideas for customizable kids' products that go beyond labels. Imagine a world where every jacket, backpack, and lunchbox tells a story—your kiddo's unique story. That's the future we're building towards, with personalization at its heart. Because let's face it: No one wants to sift through the lost and found pile ever again.

So, I want to formally welcome you to the NamePOP family. Let's make parenting a bit less about the lost socks and a lot more about the fun stories we'll tell. Who knew organizing could be this much fun? We did, and we're excited to share it with you!